NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT methodology With respect to the environment and the ISO 14001, with which we are certified, we decided to incorporate sustainable solutions into everything we do. ALPHA ACOUSTIKI has integrated Eco- Design and Circular Economy best practices into our product development procedure. We estimate every circumstance including: Risk Assessment for Hazardous substances, in order […]

virtual exhibition

During the Covid-19 period, we decided to create an innovative virtual showroom with the aim of better informing our customers about the NEW acoustic products we created recently, ensuring a safe environment for our visitors. Click on the image below to visit our digital (covid 19 virus free) exhibition stand and see our products and […]

We are pleased to announce that we have recently used our Vibro anti-vibration Systems in many music studios in constructions with high sound insulation requirements. Specialized acoustic engineers and contractors trusted ALPHA ACOUSTICS and chose our anti-vibration products systems. So we were given the opportunity to collect photos from their applications and to enrich our […]

building materials awards 2020

We are delighted and proud to announce that two of our most successful acoustics products in the Greek and global market have been awarded at Building Materials Awards 2020. In the category “Building Materials and Soundproofing Elements”, Alpha Acoustiki received the GOLD and SILVER award for the following architectural acoustics products: GOLD: Ocean wave acoustic […]

The Dubai World Trade Center is hosting the largest and most successful construction trade fair in the Middle East, the Big 5 Show, which takes place from Monday 25 November to Thursday 28 November 2019 in Dubai. ALPHA ACOUSTIKI is going to be among the 2,500 exhibitors, presenting its vibration isolation (, sound-absorbing and soundproofing […]

Our Multidirectional Vibration Mount 3D.F undertook the demanding task of isolating vibrations generated at the base of VCELL’s system rack. VCELL is a unique Vessel System, the only Global Maritime End-to-End ICT Solution Certified for Cyber Security, made by IQ Solutions SA. The system includes SATellite COMmunication systems, Network hubs, an onboard communication and security server and an Uninterrupted Power Supply, all in the […]

Vibration control products Vibro-FOAM were presented in Mosbuild expo that was held 03 – 06  April 2018 in Moscow, Russia. The Russian market has shown great interest in Vibro-FOAM products. As they attracted the attention of the acoustic consultants, mainly due to their innovative design, their efficiency and the wide range of their applications.. Through the support and […]

We are very happy to announce the recent development of several types of Wire Mesh Vibration Dampers using a cushion knitted stainless steel wire mesh. With the use of Wire Mesh Vibration Dampers we increase the damping factor and limit the amplification at the natural frequency. Wire Mesh Vibration Dampers can be used for the vibration isolation […]

Vibration control products VIBRO were presented in Construct Canada 2017 expo that was held 29 Nov to 01 Dec 2017 in Toronto, Canada. Our main focus was our vibration control systems VIBRO particularly our spring mounts. Construct Canada is North America’s largest exposition, networking and educational event in construction sector. The Buildings Show brings together influential buyers and distributors in the […]