Rubber Ceiling Hangers

Vibro Foam rubber ceiling hangers are an efficient, low cost option, offering a reasonable degree of isolation efficiency. Rubber hangers are effective isolators when we need to support lighter equipment, such as suspended false ceilings.

Vibro Foam offers a wide range of rubber ceiling hangers, which cover all your construction needs. We designed these ceiling suspensions to fit every kind of suspended ceiling. You can apply our products in office areas, halls, commercial areas, housing and much more.

All our Vibro Foam rubber hangers are designed utilising Regufoam®, a high quality polyurethane foam, with semi-closed cells, manufactured by German company BSW, and have been engineered by Vibro’s experts.

You can also use our rubber hangers for industrial applications, such as HVAC suspension, air ducts, pipework an more. Yoy can find all our hangers suitable for industrial use on the Machinery Hangers page.

Check out our products below.