Spring Ceiling Hangers

In applications where we need to isolate heavier weights, engineers usually install spring hangers with very low natural frequency value. As a result, in Vibro Foam we combined our Vibro steel springs with Regufoam® to devel0p spring ceiling hangers with optimum performance.

These spring hangers can suspend heavy loads and are also used for industrial applications. Some industrial application examples are: suspension of HVAC pipeworks, airducts, air-conditioning units exhaust systems, water pipes and more. You can explore all of our industrial spring hangers in the Machinery Hangers section.

We designed all our Vibro Foam spring hangers by utilising Regufoam®, a high quality polyurethane foam, with semi-closed cells, manufactured by the German company BSW. All Vibro Foam products were specially engineered by Vibro’s experts.

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