Machinery Hangers

These hangers are typically used for suspended piping and ductwork running from mechanical equipment to prevent vibration transmitting to the surrounding structure.

Vibro Foam offers a wide range of isolation suspensions, usually housed in cages and encompassing rubber and rubber/ spring combination.

Vibro Foam also offers solutions for isolation of suspended ceilings. More information can be found at our ceiling isolation page.

Vibro Foam machine suspension solutions can be used in a wide range of vibration isolation applications as we offer a wide range of antivibration hangers to fit all types of project applications. All our offerings are available in different thicknesses and deflections.

Our machinery suspension solutions are primarily divided in 2 categories:

All our Vibro Foam products are designed utilising Regufoam®, a high quality polyurethane foam, with semi-closed cells, manufactured by the German company BSW, and have been engineered by Vibro’s experts.

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