Industrial Vibration Control

In industrial environments, there is regularly a need to support or hang heavy machinery and piping. Additionally, in major buildings such as hotels and airports, vibration sources such as HVAC, chillers and pumps need to be supported whilst isolated from vibration.

All these machines include rotating parts which cause vibration, resulting in noise disturbance to the surrounding environment in or around the buildings, but also damage to the structures they are mounted on and often they can also damage themselves resulting to lower efficiency and increased costs.

Special vibration isolators are necessary in order to stop the transmission of vibration near the source. Using the best possible materials is crucial, and that’s why our products are manufactured utilizing Regufoam®² , a high quality polyurethane foam, with semi-closed cells, manufactured by German company BSW.

The Vibro-Foam vibration control product range includes products for vibration reduction for HVAC systems, pumps, generators, elevators, cutting-machines and other equipment.

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