Machinery Mounts

To isolate unwanted machine vibration, it was once sufficient to mount the offending equipment on a piece of cork or felt. Nowadays, with greater knowledge and higher expected standards, this traditional solution is usually inadequate, both in large building structures and in the general industrial environment.

HVAC equipment in large buildings, such as museums and malls, may often result in causing a major vibration problem. The output of vibration producing equipment is increasing as the greater community and workforce demand improved living and working conditions free from vibration or structure-borne noise.

Both situations require engineered vibration control systems, which give predictable results that are suitable to the surrounding environment. That’s why our proven experience of designing and implementing such systems will bring the best value to your project.

All our Vibro-Foam machinery mounts are designed utilizing Regufoam®, a high quality polyurethane foam, with semi-closed cells, manufactured by German company BSW, and have been engineered by Vibro’s experts.

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