New photos of anti-vibration applications

We are pleased to announce that we have recently used our Vibro anti-vibration Systems in many music studios in constructions with high sound insulation requirements. Specialized acoustic engineers and contractors trusted ALPHA ACOUSTICS and chose our anti-vibration products systems.

So we were given the opportunity to collect photos from their applications and to enrich our photo collection in projects to deal with structural born noise. These applications include floating anti-vibration floor slabs, method of building ‘’room in a room’’, anti-vibration suspensions of floating soundproof ceilings, mounting of machines on anti-vibration spring and rubber bearings.

These applications require a thorough study of the excitation frequency, that causes the annoying vibrations, their recording and frequency analysis, the correct choice of the anti-vibration system and the assessment of the theoretical vibration reduction after the application of the anti-vibration. In the second phase, an important factor is the correct installation and adjustment of the anti-vibration height (if required,) and the avoidance of sound bridges that can eliminate the sound insulation.

Our company is NEXT TO YOU, in all the above stages of both the selection and the installation and verification of vibration reduction. Specifically, if requested, we can perform specialized vibration measurements before and after the installation of VIBRO products. With the use of modern vibration measuring equipment, that includes precision accelerometers, but also the many years of experience of our company’s technical staff, we can help you identify and deal with complex vibration problems, as we have done already in many applications.

At the same time, we believe that a good photo of a technical application in combination with appropriate installation instructions and application design contribute significantly to a successful anti-vibration result. That’s why we try to share photos of applications, that can help engineers, recording studio owners and technicians to successfully complete a floating soundproof room that may include floating floors and ceilings, building floating soundproof walls etc. Specifically, we have enriched the collection of anti-vibration protection applications with the following VIBRO products.


Specifically, the gallery of the following vibration isolation products has been enriched with more room in a room application photos:

Ceiling vibration isolation hangers



Floating floors with rubber pads


Antivibration Wall support


For more application photos on vibration isolation products email us at info[at] We have a large gallery of photos in a wide range of vibration control projects, which we would be happy to share.