Vibration control Products in Russia

Vibration control products Vibro-FOAM were presented in Mosbuild expo that was held 03 – 06  April 2018 in Moscow, Russia.

The Russian market has shown great interest in Vibro-FOAM products. As they attracted the attention of the acoustic consultants, mainly due to their innovative design, their efficiency and the wide range of their applications.. Through the support and adequate technical qualifications of our partners company Gidro-Garant, the vibration isolators are been successfully introduced in the continuously growing Russian Federation market gradually, establishing their position among manufacturers from all over the world.

Our partner Gidro-Garant has a big portfolio that includes a series of reference projects with vibration isolators enhancing their strong presence in the Russian market. They are experts in noise control and their architectural and interior building noise control products were enriched with a complete range of  Vibro-FOAM vibration isolators.

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Vibration isolators Vibro-FOAM are purely manufactured in Europe and distributed around the world.

More information regarding our vibration control products can be obtained here:

Vibro-FOAM Products