Vibration mounts Vibro-FOAM 3D.F in marine application

Our Multidirectional Vibration Mount 3D.F undertook the demanding task of isolating vibrations generated at the base of VCELL’s system rack.

VCELL is a unique Vessel System, the only Global Maritime End-to-End ICT Solution Certified for Cyber Security, made by IQ Solutions SA. The system includes SATellite COMmunication systems, Network hubs, an onboard communication and security server and an Uninterrupted Power Supply, all in the same rack.

The vibration isolator Vibro-FOAM 3D.F can support excitation forces in all 3 directions that are present in Seagoing Vessel applications. The internal vibration foam material is Regufoam® Vibration plus by the German company Regupol BSW GmbH. There are 4 different hardnesses that scale according to the maximum load capacity of the isolator.


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