With respect to the environment and the ISO 14001, with which we are certified, we decided to incorporate sustainable solutions into everything we do.

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI has integrated Eco- Design and Circular Economy best practices into our product development procedure.

We estimate every circumstance including:

  • Risk Assessment for Hazardous substances, in order to protect the environment and public health.
  • Design for the Circular Economy
  • Operational Carbon Reduction
  • Recycled Materials preference
  • Avoid the use of hazardous materials, where practical
  • Work with environmentally conscious suppliers
  • Recyclability.
  • Durability, Longevity
  • WELLFitWel ContributionLiving Building Challenge, BREEAM, LEED v4, and more.

With the adoption of this policy we consider that we create products that meet the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

virtual exhibition

During the Covid-19 period, we decided to create an innovative virtual showroom with the aim of better informing our customers about the NEW acoustic products we created recently, ensuring a safe environment for our visitors.

Click on the image below to visit our digital (covid 19 virus free) exhibition stand and see our products and services through a 3D presentation.

virtual exhibition

The following product categories are presented:
– ALPHAcoustic – Fabric :  Acoustic Panels with fabric
– ALPHAcoustic – Oceanos  : Wave Sound Diffuser 
– ISOLFON  :  Building Acoustic Products
– Vibro : Products for Vibration Control
Vibro-Foam : Vibration Isolators with Regufoam


We will be happy to welcome you to our virtual exhibition stand.

We are pleased to announce that we have recently used our Vibro anti-vibration Systems in many music studios in constructions with high sound insulation requirements. Specialized acoustic engineers and contractors trusted ALPHA ACOUSTICS and chose our anti-vibration products systems.

So we were given the opportunity to collect photos from their applications and to enrich our photo collection in projects to deal with structural born noise. These applications include floating anti-vibration floor slabs, method of building ‘’room in a room’’, anti-vibration suspensions of floating soundproof ceilings, mounting of machines on anti-vibration spring and rubber bearings.

These applications require a thorough study of the excitation frequency, that causes the annoying vibrations, their recording and frequency analysis, the correct choice of the anti-vibration system and the assessment of the theoretical vibration reduction after the application of the anti-vibration. In the second phase, an important factor is the correct installation and adjustment of the anti-vibration height (if required,) and the avoidance of sound bridges that can eliminate the sound insulation.

Our company is NEXT TO YOU, in all the above stages of both the selection and the installation and verification of vibration reduction. Specifically, if requested, we can perform specialized vibration measurements before and after the installation of VIBRO products. With the use of modern vibration measuring equipment, that includes precision accelerometers, but also the many years of experience of our company’s technical staff, we can help you identify and deal with complex vibration problems, as we have done already in many applications.

At the same time, we believe that a good photo of a technical application in combination with appropriate installation instructions and application design contribute significantly to a successful anti-vibration result. That’s why we try to share photos of applications, that can help engineers, recording studio owners and technicians to successfully complete a floating soundproof room that may include floating floors and ceilings, building floating soundproof walls etc. Specifically, we have enriched the collection of anti-vibration protection applications with the following VIBRO products.


Specifically, the gallery of the following vibration isolation products has been enriched with more room in a room application photos:

Ceiling vibration isolation hangers



Floating floors with rubber pads


Antivibration Wall support


For more application photos on vibration isolation products email us at info[at] We have a large gallery of photos in a wide range of vibration control projects, which we would be happy to share.


building materials awards 2020

We are delighted and proud to announce that two of our most successful acoustics products in the Greek and global market have been awarded at Building Materials Awards 2020. In the category “Building Materials and Soundproofing Elements”, Alpha Acoustiki received the GOLD and SILVER award for the following architectural acoustics products:

building material awards 2020

GOLD: Ocean wave acoustic diffuser “Oceanos”

The golden award was won by “OCEANOS“, a sound diffuser designed with refined curves like the wavy surface of a calm ocean. The OCEANOS diffuser was designed in conjunction with algorithmic format processing software. Thus, the optimization of its complex geometry was achieved. At the same time, using the simulation of reflected sound rays and advanced software for the propagation of sound diffusion, we optimized the uniform diffusion and refraction on its surface.

Besides its extensive diffusion, it also acts as an absorber at specific frequencies.

SILVER: Acoustic panels with fabric “ALPHAcoustic-AP”

The silver award was won by “ALPHAcoustic-AP” acoustic panels; a series of sound-absorbing panels with great success in the Greek and global market. They are designed to have the maximum sound absorption coefficient (αs) in a wide frequency band. These panels have a high-tech fabric with a low airflow resistivity. They have a rigid but light frame and fibrous sound-absorbing material. The panels are available in various shapes and they adapt into aesthetics in places with high acoustic requirements such as offices, restaurants, music studios and auditoriums.

This award validates our continuous effort to engineer and develop new products in acoustics, sound insulation, and vibration control topics.

The above products have been used in a range of demanding projects with excellent aesthetic results but also a significant noise reduction performance.

We would like to thank our customers and partners for their trust in our products and services. Finally, we would like to thank the event management Boussias Communications, as well as the chairman of the jury Antonia Moropoulou and the other honourable judges.

building materials awards

The Dubai World Trade Center is hosting the largest and most successful construction trade fair in the Middle East, the Big 5 Show, which takes place from Monday 25 November to Thursday 28 November 2019 in Dubai.

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI is going to be among the 2,500 exhibitors, presenting its vibration isolation (, sound-absorbing and soundproofing products to building and civil engineering professionals from all around the world.

We invite you again this year to visit us at our booth 6A272 in Hall NO. 6; present will be specialized mechanics from ALPHA ACOUSTIKI, available to show you a variety of our products, discuss their technical specifications and explore the possibilities of cooperation.

The Dubai World Trade Center is hosting the largest and most successful construction trade fair in the Middle East, the Big 5 Show, which takes place from Monday 25 November to Thursday 28 November 2019in Dubai.

We invite you again this year, to visit ALPHA ACOUSTIKI stand at our booth 6A272 in Hall NO. 6.

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI will present the followings NEW products:

Vibration isolation products. Antivibration hangers, vibration control rubber pads, spring mounts,  seismic vibration restraint systems more info on

Acoustic panels with fabric. High sound absorption. Innovative acoustic panels design. These panels can offer a better acoustic environment in your projects. New acoustic materials will be presented like polyester fiber slabs, acoustic diffusers and….

More info on ALPHAcoustic – ORTHO Fabric | Orthogonal Acoustic Panels

ALPHAcoustic – TONDO Fabric | Curved Acoustic Panels

ALPHAcoustic – OCEANOS | Ocean-wave Sound Diffuser

Noise insulation products like Metal noise barrier sound attenuators, silencers, acoustic screens, sound insulation doors and a lot of soundproofing products.

Acoustic studies.

Noise measurements with our high technology instrumentation.

Our engineers with 40 years’ experience in the field of ACOUSTICS will present  the possibility of new collaboration.

We are waiting your visit at our booth 6A272 in Hall NO. 6


For more inforation, please contact us through email :

يستضيف مركز دبي التجاري العالمي أكبر وأنجح معرض تجاري للبناء في الشرق الأوسط ، معرض الخمسة الكبار ، الذي يقام من الاثنين 25 نوفمبر إلى الخميس 28 نوفمبر 2019 في دبي.

ندعوك مرة أخرى هذا العام ، لزيارة جناح ALPHA ACOUSTIKI في جناحنا 6A272 في القاعة رقم. 6.

سوف ALPHA ACOUSTIKI تقديم التالية منتجات جديدة:

– منتجات عزل الاهتزازات. شماعات مضادة للاهتزاز ، وسادات مطاطية للتحكم في الاهتزازات ، وحامل نابض ، وأنظمة ضبط الاهتزاز الزلزالي. مزيد من المعلومات حول

الألواح الصوتية مع النسيج. امتصاص الصوت عالية. تصميم لوحات صوتية مبتكرة. يمكن أن توفر هذه اللوحات بيئة صوتية أفضل في مشاريعك. سيتم تقديم مواد صوتية جديدة مثل ألواح ألياف البوليستر ، ناشرات الصوت و …

مزيد من المعلومات على أنظمة امتصاص الصوت.

– منتجات عزل الضوضاء مثل المخففات الصوتية لجدار حاجز الضوضاء المعدنية وكواتم الصوت والشاشات الصوتية وأبواب عزل الصوت والكثير من منتجات عزل الصوت.

الدراسات الصوتية.

-الضوضاء القياسات مع الأجهزة لدينا التكنولوجيا العالية.

سيقدم مهندسونا الذين يتمتعون بخبرة 40 عامًا في مجال التحليل الصوتي إمكانية التعاون الجديد.

نحن في انتظار زيارتك في جناحنا 6A272.

Dubai World Trade Center är värd för den största och mest framgångsrika byggmässan i Mellanöstern, Big 5 Show, som äger rum från måndag 25 november till torsdag 28 november 2019 i Dubai.

Vi inbjuder dig igen i år att besöka ALPHA ACOUSTIKI-monter på vår monter 6A272 i Hall NO. 6.

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI kommer att presentera följande NYA produkter:

-Vibrationsisoleringsprodukter. Antivibrationshängare, gummikuddar med vibrationsreglering, fjäderfästen, seismiska vibrationssäkerhetssystem mer information på

-Akustiska paneler med tyg. Hög ljudabsorption. Innovativ akustisk paneldesign. Dessa paneler kan erbjuda en bättre akustisk miljö i dina projekt. Nya akustiska material kommer att presenteras som polyesterfiberplattor, akustiska diffusorer och …

Mer information på ljudabsorberande system.

-Nya isoleringsprodukter som ljuddämpare av metallbrus, ljuddämpare, akustiska skärmar, ljudisolerande dörrar och mycket ljudisoleringsprodukter.

– Akustiska studier.

-Noise mätningar med vår högteknologiska instrument.

Våra ingenjörer med 40 års erfarenhet inom akustikområdet presenterar möjligheten till nytt samarbete.

Vi väntar på ditt besök på vår monter 6A272 i Hall NO. 6.

Das Dubai World Trade Centre ist Gastgeber der größten und erfolgreichsten Baumesse im Nahen Osten, der Big 5 Show, die vom Montag, 25. November bis Donnerstag, 28. November 2019 in Dubai stattfindet.

Wir laden Sie auch in diesem Jahr wieder ein, den ALPHA ACOUSTIKI-Stand an unserem Stand 6A272 in Halle NR. Zu besuchen. 6.

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI wird die folgenden NEUEN Produkte vorstellen:

-Produkte zur Schwingungsisolierung. Schwingungsdämpfer, Schwingungsdämpfungsgummipads, Federhalter, Rückhaltesysteme für seismische Schwingungen weitere Informationen unter

-Akustikplatten mit Stoff. Hohe Schallabsorption. Innovatives Design der Akustikplatten. Diese Paneele bieten eine bessere akustische Umgebung für Ihre Projekte. Neue Akustikmaterialien wie Polyesterfaserplatten, Akustikdiffusoren und … werden vorgestellt.

Weitere Infos unter schallabsorbierende Systeme.

-Lärmschutzprodukte wie Schalldämpfer, Schalldämpfer, Schallschutzwände, Schallschutztüren und viele Schallschutzprodukte.

-Akustische Studien.

-Lärmmessungen mit unserer High-Tech-Instrumentierung.

Unsere Ingenieure mit 40 Jahren Erfahrung auf dem Gebiet der Akustik werden die Möglichkeit einer neuen Zusammenarbeit eröffnen.

Wir warten auf Ihren Besuch an unserem Stand 6A272 in Halle NO. 6.

Le World Trade Center de Dubaï accueille le salon Big 5, le plus grand et le plus réussi du Moyen-Orient, qui se déroule du lundi 25 au jeudi 28 novembre 2019 à Dubaï.

Nous vous invitons cette année encore à visiter le stand ALPHA ACOUSTIKI sur notre stand 6A272 dans le hall NO. 6

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI présentera les NOUVEAUX produits suivants:

-Produits d’isolation de vibrations. Cintres antivibrations, tampons en caoutchouc pour le contrôle des vibrations, supports à ressort, systèmes de retenue des vibrations sismiques pour plus d’informations à l’adresse

-Panneaux acoustiques avec tissu. Absorption acoustique élevée. Conception innovante de panneaux acoustiques. Ces panneaux peuvent offrir un meilleur environnement acoustique dans vos projets. De nouveaux matériaux acoustiques seront présentés, tels que des dalles en fibre de polyester, des diffuseurs acoustiques et….

Plus d’infos sur systèmes insonorisants.

-Produits d’isolation phonique tels qu’atténuateurs de bruit antibruit, silencieux, écrans acoustiques, portes insonorisées et beaucoup de produits d’insonorisation.

-Études acoustiques.

-Mesures de bruit avec notre instrumentation de haute technologie.

Nos ingénieurs avec 40 ans d’expérience dans le domaine de l’ACOUSTIQUE présenteront la possibilité d’une nouvelle collaboration.

Nous attendons votre visite sur notre stand 6A272 dans le hall NO. 6.

בדובאי מארח את יריד סחר הבנייה הגדול והמוצלח ביותר במזרח התיכון, המופע הגדול 5, המתקיים מיום שני 25 בנובמבר עד חמישי 28 בנובמבר 2019 בדובאי.

אנו מזמינים אתכם שוב השנה לבקר בדוכן ALPHA ACOUSTIKI בתא שלנו 6A272 בהיכל מס ‘. 6.

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI תציג את המוצרים הבאים הבאים:

מוצרי בידוד רטט. קולבי הרטט, רפידות גומי לבקרת רעידות, תלושי קפיצים, מערכות ריסון רעידות סיסמיות, מידע נוסף באתר

-פאנלים אקוסטיים עם בד. ספיגת קול גבוהה. עיצוב פאנלים אקוסטיים חדשני. לוחות אלה יכולים להציע סביבה אקוסטית טובה יותר בפרויקטים שלך. חומרים אקוסטיים חדשים יוצגו כמו לוחות סיבי פוליאסטר, מפזרים אקוסטיים ו….

מידע נוסף באתר מערכות סופגות קול.

-מוצרי בידוד לא נעים כמו מכשירי מגן מפני רעש מתכתיים, משתיקי קול, מסכים אקוסטיים, דלתות בידוד קול והרבה מוצרים בידוד רעש.

-מחקרים אקוסטיים.

מדידות ללא מכשירים עם מכשור הטכנולוגיה הגבוהה שלנו.

המהנדסים שלנו עם ניסיון של 40 שנה בתחום האקוסטיקה יציגו אפשרות לשיתוף פעולה חדש.

אנו ממתינים לביקורכם בביתן 6A272 באולם NO.6.

El Dubai World Trade Center alberga la feria de construcción más grande y exitosa de Oriente Medio, el Big 5 Show, que se celebra del lunes 25 de noviembre al jueves 28 de noviembre de 2019 en Dubai.

Te invitamos nuevamente este año, a visitar el stand de ALPHA ACOUSTIKI en nuestro stand 6A272 en el Hall NO. 6)

ALPHA ACOUSTIKI presentará los siguientes NUEVOS productos:

-Productos de aislamiento de vibraciones. Perchas de vibración, almohadillas de goma para control de vibraciones, soportes de resorte, sistemas de retención de vibraciones sísmicas. Más información en

-Paneles acústicos con tela. Alta absorción acústica. Diseño innovador de paneles acústicos. Estos paneles pueden ofrecer un mejor entorno acústico en sus proyectos. Se presentarán nuevos materiales acústicos como losas de fibra de poliéster, difusores acústicos y …

Más información en Sistemas de absorción de sonido.

-Productos de aislamiento acústico como atenuadores de sonido con barrera de ruido de metal, silenciadores, pantallas acústicas, puertas de aislamiento acústico y muchos productos de insonorización.

-Estudios acústicos.

-Medidas de ruido con nuestra instrumentación de alta tecnología.

Nuestros ingenieros con 40 años de experiencia en el campo de la ACÚSTICA presentarán la posibilidad de una nueva colaboración.

Estamos esperando su visita en nuestro stand 6A272 en el Hall NO. 6.

Our Multidirectional Vibration Mount 3D.F undertook the demanding task of isolating vibrations generated at the base of VCELL’s system rack.

VCELL is a unique Vessel System, the only Global Maritime End-to-End ICT Solution Certified for Cyber Security, made by IQ Solutions SA. The system includes SATellite COMmunication systems, Network hubs, an onboard communication and security server and an Uninterrupted Power Supply, all in the same rack.

The vibration isolator Vibro-FOAM 3D.F can support excitation forces in all 3 directions that are present in Seagoing Vessel applications. The internal vibration foam material is Regufoam® Vibration plus by the German company Regupol BSW GmbH. There are 4 different hardnesses that scale according to the maximum load capacity of the isolator.


Click here for more technical information.


Vibration control products Vibro-FOAM were presented in Mosbuild expo that was held 03 – 06  April 2018 in Moscow, Russia.

The Russian market has shown great interest in Vibro-FOAM products. As they attracted the attention of the acoustic consultants, mainly due to their innovative design, their efficiency and the wide range of their applications.. Through the support and adequate technical qualifications of our partners company Gidro-Garant, the vibration isolators are been successfully introduced in the continuously growing Russian Federation market gradually, establishing their position among manufacturers from all over the world.

Our partner Gidro-Garant has a big portfolio that includes a series of reference projects with vibration isolators enhancing their strong presence in the Russian market. They are experts in noise control and their architectural and interior building noise control products were enriched with a complete range of  Vibro-FOAM vibration isolators.

To arrange a meeting or just to inquire about our products for the acoustics and vibration control market in Russia or elsewhere do not hesitate to contact us at

Vibration isolators Vibro-FOAM are purely manufactured in Europe and distributed around the world.

More information regarding our vibration control products can be obtained here:

Vibro-FOAM Products


We are very happy to announce the recent development of several types of Wire Mesh Vibration Dampers using a cushion knitted stainless steel wire mesh. With the use of Wire Mesh Vibration Dampers we increase the damping factor and limit the amplification at the natural frequency.

Wire Mesh Vibration Dampers can be used for the vibration isolation of mechanical equipment in military, marine, avionics applications, in tough environments. It should be noted that Wire Mesh Vibration Dampers are resistant in normal liquids and dust.

It is recommended that the product is used for mechanical Noise & Vibration isolation in:
* Vibrating equipment subjected to seismic events.
* Vibrating equipment with significant center of mass alternations
* High win loads or other external forces are applied.

See below some of our wire mesh vibration dampers :
Vibro-3D.wm – The new Vibro-3D.wm is a wire mesh vibration dampers that offers multi-directional support. It can be an ideal solution for shock-absorbing and vibration – isolation applications. It’s internal knitted stainless steel wire mesh is formed into a resilient cushion. It can be used wherever environmental conditions could damage or destroy conventional rubber pads. Vibro-3D.wm is specially designed to sustain impulsive loads in all three axis (x, y, z). It is recommended for applications in extreme temperature and environmental conditions.

Vibro-AMR.wm –  A restrained single spring mount with internal knitted stainless steel wire mesh. This metal cushion inside the spring increases the damping factor and limits the vibration at the natural frequency. At its base, Vibro -AMR.wm is a galvanized metal plate with adequate thickness covered by a special rubber pad, resistant to outdoor conditions (not applicable in high temperature applications). This rubber profile offers better isolation efficiency at high frequencies, that can be transmitted through its metal structure.

Vibro-MSR.wm – Is a multi spring restrained mount with relative limit stops and internal stainless steel wire mesh cushion.The metal plates are protected from oxidation with polyester powder paint. On the bottom it can be fixed with the use of M8 pass -through bolts.

Vibro-MS.wm – A wire mesh vibration damper, with multiple free standing springs. Within the internal diameter of the coil spring there is a resilient cushion knitted stainless steel wire mesh, which is the differentiation between the Vibro-MS and the equivalent wire mesh vibration damper VIBRO-MS.wm. This wire mesh vibration damper has multiple free standing springs in order to be suitable for a wide range of machinery. The springs are fixed with an innovative fastening system. The internal metal cushion reduces the amplification at the natural frequency and increases the damping factor.

Vibro-AM.wm – A free standing single spring anti-vibration mount, with internal knitted stainless steel wire mesh. This metal cushion inside the spring increases the damping factor and limits the vibration at the natural frequency. At its base, there is a galvanized metal plate with adequate thickness covered by a special rubber pad, resistant to outdoor conditions (not applicable in high temperature applications).

For more information please visit here and a free of charge technical selection of the most appropriatewire mesh vibration dampers for your project, do not hesitate to contact our technical department.

Vibration control products VIBRO were presented in Construct Canada 2017 expo that was held 29 Nov to 01 Dec 2017 in Toronto, Canada. Our main focus was our vibration control systems VIBRO particularly our spring mounts.

Construct Canada is North America’s largest exposition, networking and educational event in construction sector. The Buildings Show brings together influential buyers and distributors in the design, construction, and real estate operations for an intensive two and a half days. The Shows provide exceptional value and allow to leverage the exposure to industry professionals and access the North American market. Visitors and delegates from around the world are discovering new and innovative technology in the design, construction, operation and management of buildings and housing products and technologies for all types of buildings all under one roof. Construct Canada expo has over 30,000 attendees, 1,600 exhibits, 500 speakers and 350 presentations, which makes it quite a unique opportunity to showcase our vibration control solutions.

North American and specifically Canadian market has been of great interest for VIBRO product’s focus the last years and through the support and adequate technical qualifications of our partners company ARCACOUSTICS vibration isolators VIBRO have been successfully introduced in the market gradually establishing their position amongst manufacturers from the USA and Canada.

More information regarding our vibration control products can be obtained here:

Our partner’s portfolio includes a series of reference projects with vibration isolators VIBRO enhancing their strong presense in the Canadian market. ARCACOUSTICS was established as an affiliate of dB Noise Reduction® in 2015 with who the initial collaboration in North America had started. Their experts in acoustics and noise control  that offer complete architectural and interior building noise control products were enriched with a complete range of vibration isolators VIBRO purely manufactured in Europe and distributed around the world.

Headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario, we offer acoustic solutions to a number of markets, providing added visual and acoustic aesthetics to various environments. Our objective is to improve individual comfort levels and increase productivity through the improvement of Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Impact Insulation Class (IIC) ratings.

Vibration control products Vibro attracted the attention of the acoustic consultants, mainly due to their innovative design, their efficiency and the wide range of their applications.

To arrange a meeting or just to inquire about our products for the acoustics and vibration control market in Canada or elsewhere do not hesitate to contact us at