Double award winning for Alpha Acoustiki at the Building Materials Awards 2020

We are delighted and proud to announce that two of our most successful acoustics products in the Greek and global market have been awarded at Building Materials Awards 2020. In the category “Building Materials and Soundproofing Elements”, Alpha Acoustiki received the GOLD and SILVER award for the following architectural acoustics products:

building material awards 2020

GOLD: Ocean wave acoustic diffuser “Oceanos”

The golden award was won by “OCEANOS“, a sound diffuser designed with refined curves like the wavy surface of a calm ocean. The OCEANOS diffuser was designed in conjunction with algorithmic format processing software. Thus, the optimization of its complex geometry was achieved. At the same time, using the simulation of reflected sound rays and advanced software for the propagation of sound diffusion, we optimized the uniform diffusion and refraction on its surface.

Besides its extensive diffusion, it also acts as an absorber at specific frequencies.

SILVER: Acoustic panels with fabric “ALPHAcoustic-AP”

The silver award was won by “ALPHAcoustic-AP” acoustic panels; a series of sound-absorbing panels with great success in the Greek and global market. They are designed to have the maximum sound absorption coefficient (αs) in a wide frequency band. These panels have a high-tech fabric with a low airflow resistivity. They have a rigid but light frame and fibrous sound-absorbing material. The panels are available in various shapes and they adapt into aesthetics in places with high acoustic requirements such as offices, restaurants, music studios and auditoriums.

This award validates our continuous effort to engineer and develop new products in acoustics, sound insulation, and vibration control topics.

The above products have been used in a range of demanding projects with excellent aesthetic results but also a significant noise reduction performance.

We would like to thank our customers and partners for their trust in our products and services. Finally, we would like to thank the event management Boussias Communications, as well as the chairman of the jury Antonia Moropoulou and the other honourable judges.

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